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Create special memories that can only be found in Sekigahara, from open-ended rental cycle tours of historical sites to the experience of wearing armor on ancient battlefields!

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We make various themes and introduce model course. We should be able to discover charm of new Sekigahara no matter how much it comes.

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What kind of place is Sekigahara?

Sekigahara is the site where battles that determined the course of Japanese history were waged.
The Jinshin War in 672 was one of Japan’s greatest civil wars, and pitted Prince Oama against Prince Otomo.
The greatest battle of the Warring States Period, the Battle of Sekigahara was fought here in 1600, and saw the Western Forces led by Ishida Mitsunari clash with the Eastern Forces of Tokugawa Ieyasu.

One theory states the origin of the name Sekigahara (the gate plain) comes from the fact it was a field upon which was located a checking station.
It is said that the reason the Kanto (east of the gate) and Kansai (west of the gate) regions got their names from the fact that Sekigahara (the gate plain) forms a boundary between the two.

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