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To where publication of ad banner is hoped for to our site

Apply for the following after reading.
How to Get There of top page (Japanese) of our HP is around 10,000 cases on the moon average of the first half (from April to December) of 2019.

Insertion medium Cultural heritage, sightseeing, trip information site Sekigahara Tourism Guide of Sekigahara
Size of advertising slot 160 pixels of 60 pixels of vertical X side
Publication position The top page lower berth
The number of the insertion frames 10 frames
Insertion period Three months unit (possible update)
Publication charges (1 frame) 10,000 yen (tax-excluded)/January
Application method At first, please refer.
Deadline for application Until last month 10 of the moon which you wish to publish
Application, reference

Sekigahara Tourism Association Office
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FAX: 0584-43-0915

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