Sekigahara historic battleground
Association of hospitality


About association of Sekigahara historic battleground hospitality

Work together with all the inhabitants
We tell about charm of Sekigahara!

"The hospitality alliance" which we formed in July, 2018 that volunteer group in the town block, various groups such as sightseeing, business and industry, administration exceeded fence and planned attractive improvement of Sekigahara. We hold meeting regularly and perform information exchange about each other's activities and cooperation business. Sekigahara tourist association takes the secretariat and becomes window about request from the outside now.
Sekigahara where increase of tourist is anticipated triggered by "Sekigahara historic battleground memorial hall" of 2020 opening. We want to emphasize inhabitants oneself charm that local everybody is interested more about hometown and has you love Sekigahara through activity of "association of hospitality".

List of groups

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