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Under Sekigahara fan club "free of charge member" offer

The date:
2020 ...

It recruits Sekigahara fan club for free members.

We establish Sekigahara fan club where you can enroll in free

We established Sekigahara fan club where anyone could enroll in free in December, 2019.
We can get various privileges for the presentation of digital member's card issued after the enrollment as start memory this time.
※The enrollment method
You can enroll from digital terminal which WEB pages such as smartphone, PC can read.

(not accepting the enrollment in analog now. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.)

Only as for three following as for the method of free member registration

We present digital fief (point) at the time of the enrollment.
You can enroll in the following special fief when you can join now.

・QR code (1000 fief presentation) that is installed in Sasaoyama Tourism Center store.
・QR code (1000 fief presentation) that is installed in sightseeing in station square interchange hall store.
・Or registration (500 fief presentation) from the following link page


※When you enroll from the store QR code of local Sekigahara mentioned above or as you are different in fief (point) that you can get, please be careful by the enrollment from the WEB page mentioned above.

Free membership benefit

When we had Sekigahara come, other than digital fief point grant at the time of the enrollment, we offer advantageous privilege.
The presentation of digital member's card issued after the enrollment becomes condition to receive privilege.

All original military commander bill 18 kinds

We present one piece in the check (finished as soon as it disappears)
Family crest card of popular military commanders who participated in Battle of Sekigahara. (wonderful thing happens all 18 kinds when we gather.)
About military commander bill, please see this page

Original clear file

General normal price 350 yen → You can purchase for 100 yen.

It is clear file that Family crest of East-West military commanders who participated in Battle of Sekigahara is limited Sekigahara treated by the entire surface of popularity.
As there are not the number of purchase restrictions, it is most suitable for Souvenirs which seems to be Sekigahara.
Store: Sightseeing in station square interchange hall, Sasaoyama Tourism Center

Various Q&A (common Contact) about fan club

Q: Whether it is not requested later whether it is charged to become member
A: It is 0 yen. As amount of money does not occur at all, don't worry.

Q: Digital terminals such as smartphone, PC do not last, can you enroll in analog?
A: I'm sorry. It becomes only various digital terminals which WEB page can read to have you enroll in the current situation.

Q: Is digital point "fief" usable by shopping?
A: There is not function as general point currency in the current situation, the world.

Q: How do digital point "fiefs" increase?
A: The current situation becomes "only at the time of the fan club enrollment".

We will tell about future concrete modi operandi at any time in this page.

Q: What is digital point "fief" usable in?
A: I'm sorry, just have accumulate the current situation; ... We are planning now.

Q: Please tell about offer period.
A: Whole year offer
About the current situation, the enrollment of fan club, it becomes correspondence only for digital form.
Please note that the enrollment in analog did not hear the current situation.

Q: Can the member number of fan club choose favorite number?
A: For first-come-first-served basis method, number is not available.
Number is automatically assigned to the enrollment application order. Any number designation is impossible
When it is withdrawn, the number becomes permanently retired uniform number.
Q: What is social position?
Regardless of fief (digital point) added at the time of the enrollment from the enrollment, WEB page from store QR code and the enrollment, it becomes all "common soldier" social position.
(but social position is going to only cost by meeting a certain condition in the future, as for the current situation, undecided)

Q: We want to do fan club secession, what should I do?
A: As there is withdrawal function, you can resign from that place.
Sekigahara fan club
Sekigahara fan club
We are preparing for privilege that you can enjoy Sekigahara more in future!
About fan club, we will tell sequentially from this page seeing now.

Cooperation company PR of fan club function production

Have cooperation very eagerly, and, on this fan club WEB page function production, is; introduction of "Kakehashi memory." It is company to be able to rely on worked on in new viewpoint in pleasant thing.
For more details, from this

Kakehashi memory is platform on QR code that we can put down with one tap-shaped simple cloud without depending on model and application if there is smartphone.
Kakehashi memory
Kakehashi memory

Basic Info

The date 2020 ...
Holding time 2020 ...
Sponsorship Sekigahara tourist association
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