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... commemorative on September 15 on Battle of Sekigahara memorial day in 2020 for - Battle of Sekigahara 420 years

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September 15, 2020

Online holding! Battle of Sekigahara memorial day 2020! ... commemorative for ... Battle of Sekigahara 420 years

Battle of Sekigahara memorial day 2020
Battle of Sekigahara memorial day 2020

Online holding! It is held this year! It is ... from - Battle of Sekigahara for 420 years on Battle of Sekigahara memorial day

It is going "Battle of Sekigahara memorial day" every year, but, in commemoration of Battle of Sekigahara which we looked good with on September 15, 1600, holds online as it is such situation this year. There were ... and thing which we really felt fuzzy in to mind whether you cannot hold anymore, but does every year even if, after all, there is what on that day. We pray for the next to be able to enjoy this day together all the time and want to hold in what kind of form next year. (as we had battle of Sekigahara, we do this work.)

If there is not Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19), called Sekigahara historic battleground memorial hall is new; can provide equipment, and visitor is full, and let's be that there was everybody dressed in armor in many places. . . I am really sorry, but there is no help for it.

As event is online holding, it is remote participation basically. Please enjoy this day for feeling that is in Sekigahara. As it is online event, new thing, we want you to watch warmly, but think that mind stays as we had you cooperate with various!


Battle of Sekigahara of September 15, 1600 was like this!

Battle of Sekigahara
... [September 15, 1600] 420 years ago -
Battle of Sekigahara [September 15, 1600] It is 420 years ago
We cannot see far ahead by deep fog having been continued since the previous night on that day. We brought on even air which seemed to foresee fierce battle that dusky fog would happen from now on here. Hostility of both continues.
6:00 "The west military, the east military lines"
7:00 "The west military advantage"
We cut fire lid of decisive battle, and, at around 8:00 a.m. when some fog cleared, it was dropped by east military, Naomasa Ii. 84,000 west militaries in all meet the east military in battle formation of victory. On the other hand, the east military is 74,000.
8:00 ... "The outbreak of war" 
10:00 ... "The west military advantage"
11:00 ... "We advance Ieyasu Tokugawa Honjin"
General, Ieyasu of the east military put Honjin to peach Haiyama and advanced Honjin to Jinbano of the site of a hard-fought battle if war situation became disadvantageous and raised the morale of the east forces.
12:00 ... "Betrayal of Kobayakawa"
We have pressure from Ieyasu at around the midday, too, and Kobayakawa corps revolts and we went along and thrust Otani corps with the military.
13:00 ... "Yoshitsugu Otani suicide"
14:00 ... "The west military size break"
Afterwards, Konishi, Ukita corps flights. Furthermore, Ishida corps flights without room for recovery, too.
15:00 ... "Shimazu hit breakthrough"
 ... which ... east military delivered big win to

It is held online this year! Battle of Sekigahara memorial day 2020!

Battle of Sekigahara memorial day 2020
         ... 420 years anniversary memory ...

It is contents of online event.

[1] Can batch present
  • In method (1) ... Twitter plan https://twitter.com/1600_sekigaharaTwitter which responds in Sekigahara sightseeing information @1600_sekigahara, and on the day retweeted designated tweet to be able to get, we give can batch to 100 people by lot. We will tell elected candidate by direct message. (the future mail)
  • Method (2) to be able to get
    We give can batch to 50 people by the first arrival that on the day was ordered in net shop "Sekigahara war-torn country market" shop. (target order becomes share after we change on date on 15th. To 0:00-23:59 of 15th.)
  • https://sekigahara-sengoku.com/
  • Method (3) to be able to get
    On the day we give can batch to the first 50 people to bought person in Sekigahara Tourism Center and Sasaoyama Tourism Center each.
    (as I want to hand toward the lot if possible, please let me limit to one per person in either shop. Please cooperate.)
Battle of Sekigahara memorial day can batch
Battle of Sekigahara memorial day can batch
[2] It is live streaming in now of Sekigahara
Youtube channel of Sekigahara tourist association
  • (1) Now of ... Sekigahara live streaming -
    Live delivers conch of 8:00 using Youtube live at 8:00.
    In addition, there is beacon demonstration that does not meet of beacon on that day. We demonstrate with Kuroda, Takenaka trace of historic spot Okayama (Maruyama). We are going to broadcast this live. (rain or shine, stormy weather cancellation)
  • (2) Dance special delivery ... of ... Sekigahara group
    Properly speaking, we dance on event stage and heap up battle memorial day, but are online stage this time.
    This time with anything! That person is exhibited to the public first! As genuine article seems to be able to look at truth close de on September 20, but Minari dressed in mask is shown this time, in fun!

      "Youtube streaming schedule"
    Youtube channel of Sekigahara tourist association
    (timeline is plan. We may be changed. We can see all videos with Youtube channel after the delivery.) 
8:00-8:15 We deliver conch and life of demonstration of beacon in Okayama (Maruyama) (around 15 minutes)
10:00 ... Sekigahara group video (1)
11:50 Ieyasu drives cannon into Mt. Matsuo
12:00-13:00 Sekigahara group video (2) (3) (4)
14:00 ... Sekigahara group video (5)
17:00 Battle of Sekigahara memorial day 2020 finale - "(provisionally) to samurais (mononofu) 420 years before thank you" -


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The date September 15, 2020
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