To the media, travel agents

All of you and all of the travel agencies who plans package tour

Sending brochures to travel agency (person planning package tour) will ship to Part 10. When you want further brochure, please note that it becomes the postage cash on delivery.
But as I can hand the necessary number of copies when I can come to take directly in Sekigahara-cho, you feel free to contact, and please be used.

Parking of trailer busMore than ten space is in Mt.Sasao Parking. We cannot reserve Parking. In addition, it is historic spot walk on foot as there is not Parking of trailer bus on each historic spot of Other.

There is group discount depending on facility. Please ask each facility.

Shooting, coverage application

If Contact about location, shooting, coverage has a question, please feel free to contact

Contact form

To person who is looking for image

Please perform image application along guidance after having had you confirm instructions well beforehand when use of images such as scenery is hoped for. At first, please refer.

Contact form Sekigahara Tourism Guide photograph material site

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