Correspondence (news) about 4/27 update Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)

Emergency declaration is announcing in Gifu.

About facility which Sekigahara tourist association runs as preventive measures against Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) infection, we will be closed during the following period.

Sekigahara Tourism Center

Sasaoyama Tourism Center

It is Sunday, May 31 from Tuesday, April 7, 2020

In addition, we will judge whether you restart business while seeing the situation about after May 31 whether it continues being closed. We place information in homepage and Twitter.

In addition, we will cancel acceptance of sekigahara historic spot guide for a while. If this situation is repaired, we want to reopen.

In addition, about rental reservation of Samurai Armor Wearing Experience in reservation saitokubikku and electric assist bicycle, we will not accept making a reservation for a while either. We would appreciate your understanding.

Postscript: It is closed until Fuwanoseki Museum May 31
In addition, we do not do business as Historical Museum became closing in last November.
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