Privacy policy

By using cultural heritage, sightseeing, trip information site Sekigahara Tourism Guide (the following, our website) of Sekigahara, you would agree to conditions about use of personal information official regulations listed below. When we cannot agree to these conditions, we cannot use our website.

Range of collection and the use of personal information

It is not usually necessary to disclose any information about you on reading our website. You can read our website as anonymity.

However, we may ask for disclosure of your full name or e-mail address in some cases (at the time of contact from Contact form).

Personal information that had you provide is classified and is used with user only between Sekigahara tourist association. All personal information that had Sekigahara tourist association provide releases or they may not be provided without agreement of the person to third party.

We use collected information for count, analysis for improvement in conduct, plan, quality of grasp of the use situation of Sekigahara tourist association and service and may not use any place other than that.

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