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Sekigahara Tourism Center (nickname: iza! Sekigahara)

Sekigahara Ekimae Kanko Kōryūkan
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  • Entrance without steps
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  • Multi-purpose toilet

Souvenirs shop proud of type of Sekigahara ichi! Sengoku goods also rich in variety.

Business hours 10:00-16:00 (so far)
※We do now and, because of the whole Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) infectious disease measures, are rose shortening business.

As point of transmission of sightseeing information of Sekigahara-cho, is got close again as antenna shop; "Sekigahara Tourism Center (nickname: iza! Sekigahara). One which popularity is stably high in in souvenir that there is number "east and west set of Donbei." Besides, rich products line up in cookies and senbei with Family crest, goods of seasoning and cake and Warlord such as Sekigahara sops, variety including T-shirt of Sekigahara original. Message of trip loving Sekigahara in memory notebook placed in break space (mainly history lover) closely! There is location called the station square and becomes beginning of trip and base dropping in at the completion.

Locker rent-a-bicycle


We offer rocker who can leave baggage.
Including verge of sightseeing please use casually.
※As it becomes the use in Sekigahara Tourism Center Business hours, please be careful.
Small size (ten shares) 100 yen/1st
Medium size (12 shares) 200 yen/1st
Large size (eight shares) 300 yen/1st


We rent Power-assisted Bike.
Please fill in the requirements (Address, the name, TEL) to rental vote.
In addition, we ask for the presentation of identification of social position (driver's license, student identification card, passport, health insurance card). (identification of social position makes copy and processes shredder after the bicycle return).
※As it becomes the use in Sekigahara Tourism Center Business hours, please be careful.
The use time 10:00-16:00 (in the reception desk until 15:30) (return by the end time)
About Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) infectious disease measures, it is Business hours shortening. We shorten at use of bicycle time.
Price Half day (less than four hours) 550 yen, 1st (more than four hours) 1,100 yen
※Power-assisted Bike is 2,200 yen for 1,100 yen, one day (more than four hours) in half day (less than four hours)

We can reserve rental of "Power-assisted Bike".
 Please confirm the details in reservation page (you link to outside site /Coubic) (

Spot details

Address 598-4, Sekigahara, Sekigahara-cho, Fuwa-gun, Gifu (the JR Sekigahara station square)
TEL 0584-43-1100
Business hours 10:00-16:00 (for Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) infectious disease measures, we are shortening Business hours now.)
Closing days The next day of Tuesday Sundays and holidays
We usually do business to year-end 12/25-12/31 from closure, January 1, 2019 for 30 years
Price -
Parking Seven
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