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Announcement of net shop "Sekigahara war-torn country market" shop opening

Net shop of Sekigahara fan expectation starts at last

Net shop of Sekigahara fan expectation opens at last.

Net shop clicks this

Souvenirs of Sekigahara arrives so far while there are that product which you come to Sekigahara and were not able to buy if I cannot accept town, this product in house.

Special product of Sekigahara and war-torn country fan sell curious history goods.
As, let alone standard Souvenirs, Souvenirs received newly increases little by little; in fun.

As open memory, original war-torn country notebook is presented to the first 100 people

We present war-torn country Family crest notebook of Sekigahara original in (the tax-included postage) purchase amount of money 3,000 yen or more.

Discount "special contents CM Souvenirs"

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