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Kanko annai Guide / Sekigahara shiseki Guide
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If you want to learn about Sekigahara, get a guide!

"sekigahara historic spot guide" consists of member who attended historic spot course of Sekigahara-cho for two years. It’s easy to work a guide into your travel plans, as they will guide you through Sekigahara’s famous historical sites in line with your desired time frame or course. If this is your first visit to Sekigahara, there are also guide recommendation courses that take the work out of route planning. You’ll learn a lot from the explanations given by the guides, as they are well-versed about Sekigahara. You’ll definitely be happy with your Sekigahara tour!

Application method of guide

You order application from the sekigahara historic spot guide secretariat or HP, and you fill in the requirements by two weeks, and please submit. In addition, in the case of application within two weeks, we may not take guide. Back order methods of guide application are as follows. In addition, guide is not resident.

(1) We propose from reservation site of the Internet

(2) We download from Web

(3) We request the secretariat and order by FAX.

FAX: 0584-47 -6139
TEL: 0584-43-1139

(1) (2) When (3) is not available, please call the secretariat.

Spot details

Address The sekigahara historic spot guide secretariat in 894-28, Sekigahara, Sekigahara-cho, Fuwa-gun, Gifu Sekigahara-cho Historical Museum
TEL 0584-43-1139
Business hours -
Closing days -
Price ※Guide Price is changed from April 1, 2020.
All for one guide as transportation expenses + administrative expense of guide ...
・Guidance (application for individual, family unit) 1,000 yen to one person - eight people
・Guidance (package tour) to 9 - 25         2,000 yen

Please bear and, in the case of trip across lunch, do meal charges of guide on the customer side.
(guide brings lunch when customer is lunch bringing. Separately from guide charges, we charge 1,000 yen as lunch charges on this occasion.)
Parking 100 combination
How to Get There Sekigahara-cho Historical Museum
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Remarks The correspondence number of people: We are almost based on one guide to up to 20-25 people.
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