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Sekigahara Tourist Information Centers

Sekigahara Kanko annaijo
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  • Entrance without steps
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  • Multi-purpose toilet

Kind guide by local volunteer

As for "Sekigahara Tourist Information Centers", big signboard in front of JR Sekigahara Station is mark. In this facility, approximately two local volunteers of Sekigahara are doing guidebook. It was started by feeling that local people who participated in "meeting which recited history of Sekigahara" approximately 20 years ago wanted to make use of for sightseeing. The now local volunteer number of people to 57 people. Furthermore, we issue newspaper called "guide of Sekigahara" among this volunteer staff every month and we always share history of Sekigahara and raise knowledge and seem to make use for guidebook. As map or brochure are put, please drop in.

Regionalism that is inherited from generation to generation

It recruits students who want to do guide Experience at local junior high school in summer vacation. Therefore junior high students who gathered seem to help in "Sekigahara Tourist Information Centers". Various places of "Tourist Information Centers" are thinking saying "this Experience is very important in knowing native district and is glad if we know native district and can bring up successor". Feeling that wants to protect historical native district is inherited from generation to generation.

Spot details

Address 598-4, Sekigahara, Sekigahara-cho, Fuwa-gun, Gifu
TEL 0584-43-5559
Business hours 9:00-14:00
Closing days The mid-November and the end of March
Price -
Parking Unavailable
How to Get There The JR Sekigahara station square
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